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The mission of Brillant Networking is to equip job seekers, businesses, students, universities, and organizations with the resources they need to meet the evolving challenges of today's workforce. 


Brilliant Networking, LLC assists businesses to meet the evolving challenges of workforce flexibility with solutions tailored to their precise business needs by creating an environment where companies get a return on their investment and their business can prosper. 


Brillant Networking supports businesses with goals that mesh with a desire to serve the communities in which they do business. We serve businesses with practices that maintain a strong commitment to diversity.




William J. Brillant is the founder of Brillant Networking, a workforce development, vocational training, and HR consulting firm delivering services including resume writing, job search strategy, workshops/training, career coaching, and talent resourcing. Serving annually hundreds of individual clients, as well as for corporations, and as a government service provider through contracts with the State Department of Labor (DOL) and with the State Department of Education(DOE).

William is a dedicated and innovative professional with expertise in overseeing various aspects of employment.

William has many years of experience working with individuals, business groups, government and schools helping with

various aspects of vocational and community-based services in job placement, job development, labor market surveys,

job and task analysis, job searching, job coaching and more.


In addition to his experience in vocational and community-based services, Will has overseen various aspects of

employment as a resume writer, interview coach, on the job trainer, vocational program manager, project coordinator

and in many aspects of HR and recruitment. Will has implemented written personnel policies and procedures and has

experience with record keeping systems to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant state and federal regulations

as well as strategic, planning, bookkeeping and budgetary responsibilities.


As a successful private Limited Liability Company and Community Rehabilitation Employment Provider William J. Brillant

has worked with the Department of Labor Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the areas of job development,

marketing and securing jobs with community employers. William has the experience, supervising in employment

settings, developing and implementing individualized employment plans, accessing, analyzing and applying techniques for program

outcomes and evaluating vocational programs.


William J. Brillant has sat on several boards of Non-Profit, Membership Associations, and committees in a

leadership capacity including VP of Diversity for Human Resources Association of Southern Maine, Vice President of the

Learning Disabilities Association of Maine and Area Manager of the Cumberland County Special Olympics of Maine.

William has been recognized for his service including the David D Gregory Community Inclusion Award from Department

of Behavioral Services.


William J. Brillant has collaborated with healthcare systems, government and vocational and community-based

services. William has experience delivering presentations on such resources as disability and occupational data, the local

labor market, career exploration, self-assessment, job retention, apprenticeship programs, ergonomic assessments and

customized employment.

  • Over 13 years of experience in workforce development, resume and cover letter writing and career resources.

  • Experience in job development and business development.

  • Hands on experience in the workforce as a manager, experience in leading teams and coordinating training sessions.

  • Experience in human resource management, the interviewing and hiring process, talent acquisition and recruitment.

  • Expertise in employment law, the ADA and policies and procedures for providing reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities.

  • Over 20 years of experience working with the non-profit, social service and the business community with diversity and inclusion efforts including event planning, marketing, grant writing, meeting facilitation, public relations, fundraising, and supervising and training volunteers.

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