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For Individuals

  • Job Search Coaching

  • Resume Writing

  • Cover Letter Writing

  • Connecting With Industry Specific Recruiters 

  • Assistance With Online Job Board Navigation & Filling Out    Applications

  • Interview Skills Coaching

  • Career Exploration & Job Development

  • Business Networking

  • Labor Market Surveying

  • Access to Training & Apprenticeships Programs

For Businesses

  • Talent Resourcing- find the right-fit talent for your company's culture and business demands.

  • Onboarding

  • Job Placement

  • HR Consultation: the hiring process, interviewing, evaluation of talent, and the entire job application process. 

  • Reviewing Resumes

  • Teaching Resume Writing & Cover Letter Skills

  • ADA Assessments

  • Hire a Diverse Workforce 

  • Job Coaching/ On the Job Training (OJT)

  • Job Analysis/Task Analysis/Transferable Skills Analysis

In the Classroom
For Schools, Service Providers, & Groups

  • Person-Centered Planning

  • Group Workshops & Presentation

  • Vocational Resources Eligibility Requirements

  • Work Readiness Coaching

  • Step by Step Guide to Transition to the Workplace

  • Access to Community Resources

  • Labor Market Surveys

  • Interest & Occupational Assessments

  • Access to Training, Educational Resources & Apprenticeships Programs

Call Center
Job Knowledge Training
  • Job Shadowing

  • Networking Strategy

  • Information/Applications to Training and Educational Resources

  • Career Exploration/Self Assessments/Evaluations

  • Interest and Informational Interviews

  • Learn about the Local Job Market

  • Clarifying Job Descriptions & Understanding Job Expectations

Job Seeking Training


  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

  • Interview Skills

  • Assistance with Job Applications

  • Job Search Strategy

Informative Interview
Post-Employment Coaching
  • ​​Off-site consultation and support; in person, phone or email.

  • Wage & Contract Negotiation

  • Analyzing & Utilizing Performance Reviews

  • Job Analysis & Task Analysis

  • ADA Accommodations/Ergonomic Resources

For Individuals
For Businesses
For Groups
Job Knowledg Training
Job Seeking Training
Pot Employmnt
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